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Simple, yet elegant functional pieces.  Dishwasher safe.  

Plates Gallery

Prices for plates are generally $20 to $60 depending on size and style.

Cups Gallery

Prices for cups are generally $15 to $25 depending on size and style.

Bowls, Platters and other Misc.

Prices for bowls and large platters are generally $60 to $150 depending on size, intricacy, and style.
Mini Bark Bowls   Approx. 4" diam."   $10 each.
Bark Bowl w/ Gold Leaf     11" diam.  
Candle Holders  
Approximately 8" to 10"  tall    $25 to $35.
Forest Platter   Approximately 12" x 12"  
Fractured Forest Platter   Approximately 18" diam."
IMG_0571a (1024x1021).jpg
Raku FIred Ginkgo Bowl   Approx. 9" diam." 
Bark Bowl    11" diam.  
Growth Lines Platter   Approx. 14" x 14"   

Incense Cedar Platter  Approx. 16" diam  $75.

Large Forest Platter/Bowl   
Approximately 20" diameter   
Ginkgo Platter   Approximately 12" x 16" 
Crossgrain Platter   Approximately 10" x 12"   
Large Lined Platter   
Approximately 16" diameter 
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